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– The flagship of our production –

Magnolia is one of the World’s oldest remaining plants: it is believed that it originated in Cretaceous period, which makes it the first Angiosperm in the World. Its name was appointed by Linneo in order to honor Pierre Magnol, a French botanist who lived in the 17th Century. Magnolia comes from the Magnoliaceae family, and is divided into Liriodendroideae e Magnolioideae families: the latter contains many types each containing six-ten species.

Already numerous and continuing to increase, thanks to their inter-fertility which favours the hybridisation on the part of man, they grow in different regions of the World, adapting to each climate. In fact, they are found in China, Korea, New Zeland, North America and Europe.

Thanks to its beautiful flowers, its elegant growth and the distinctiveness of its leaves with different forms and size, as an ornamental plant, Magnolia often has the ability to allure singularly or in a group. It is exactly this potential which has directed us to consider this plant in a specific way through continuous research into new varieties which have enriched pur collection.

Both groups of magnolia cultivated here, express particular characters:

1) The ever-green Magnolia, that is the big-flowered Magnolia Galissoniensis, has the ability to decorate in every season, both in the summer when is displays its large cream flowers on a background of dark leaves, and form autumn to spring when just its unique leaves draw your gaze with all of their elegance which they express through an intente hard green structure on top and a rugged colour underneath. An interesting fact: as a testimony to the importance of this plant for us, it was the fountain of inspiration for our logo, both through its colours, green and rust, and through its typical form of development, it is possible to see the form of a hedge plant and small tree tied with a spear-shaped leaf like that of the Magnolia.

2) The deciduous Magnolia, commonly called “flower”, express the maximum of their beauty in spring when huge coloured flowers begin to appear from its branches. These cover the entire plant for the whole season. Only afterwards do the bright, cheerful green leaves arrive, determining a new transformation. These Magnolia are the subject, on our part, of a continuous study which brings us to discover and produce new varieties from the moment in which many with different colours exist and from the most variant shapes.

At this point, the only thing left is for your to look at the photos of our plant nursery to verify what has been described, and, if you would like, to give us advice on the varieties which we have in production or inform us of new ones.

Good watching!